An artist’s beginning..

I love photography. In high school I took every photography class available – the kind of classes that taught black and white film processing. There was a dark room, photo papers, chemicals and equipment most photographers probably couldn’t even name anymore. As I moved to college, my interest in photography turned more journalistic than artistic. I took multiple photojournalism classes, as well as worked for a semester as a photographer for State Press Magazine, the Arizona State University Magazine.

Do not think for a second that all this photography education makes me any better than a father at the park taking photos of his daughter with a disposable camera, but it has definitely brought me down roads where I’ve gained amazing experience and met the most interesting people. This is one of the reasons I would like to start this blog. I love to run and the things and people you see and meet on a run or at a competition are remarkable.

This idea also sprang from the recent movie, ‘Yes Man,’ featuring Jim Carrey. His girlfriend in the movie is the head of a ‘photography while running’ club.

Now, I don’t imagine this will be the easiest task. I’m sure there will be pictures that will look like I’ve been spinning the camera around on purpose. And I’m sure I’ll get some questioning glances from fellow runners or observers, but in the end, I hope to encourage others to become interested in both running and photography. I believe running and photography are both arts in their own form and that everyone should experience them in some way, shape or form.

And hey, I might even start my own ‘photography while running’ club. Anyone interested?

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3 Responses to An artist’s beginning..

  1. Shelby says:

    Good job Ash! I would definately join your club!!

  2. Kyle says:

    Sounds very cool. I will join for the run in Illinois as long as it’s near Chicago.

    • shweeey says:

      Of course. I love Chicago so it would have to be there. Hopefully somewhere in Millennium Park, maybe near the Bean.

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