Trial run complete

My first ‘photography while running’ session went better than I expected. I only went out with my small digital for the first time. I wasn’t sure how other runners would react or how I would react to tell you the truth if I carried my Nikon D40. It’ll come out eventually though because that’s where the great pictures will be taken (I’m hoping).

It was the perfect time of day – evening when the sun was just setting. Bad thing is there were clouds in the sky and a little drizzle.  I was surprised and pleased the pictures didn’t come out as blurry as I thought they would.  I was a little nervous about taking pictures of other runners, so I started taking them from behind. Turned out O.K., but next time, I’m gonna forget the awkwardness of the situation and just go for it.

I’ve also decided that my goal is to take a picture running in every state in America.  I’ll most likely spread out to shooting a picture while running on every continent – yes, even Antarctica – but for the time being, every state will have to do.  Enjoy the first round and look for more really soon. 

Again, if you are interested in coming along, speak up and let’s shoot!

Almost fell into the road taking this one.

Almost fell into the road taking this one.

First fellow runner.

First fellow runner.

The sky was so pretty.

The sky was so pretty.

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2 Responses to Trial run complete

  1. Marette says:

    Awesome! Good thing you didn’t take pics while running on the treadmill. That would have been AWKWARD!!!

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