Remember to charge the battery…

So, it’s been a little while since I went to make a second attempt with photography while running, but this past Saturday was just that day. It was absolutely gorgeous outside.  Nothing can beat Arizona in the winter time, with weather in the high 70’s.  I went to Freestone Park, a local mainstay for residents in Gilbert.  There were tons of people there and tons of things going on. Birthday parties; soccer games; skate park; bikers; fellow runners.  You name it.  I get into stretch mode, turn on my mp3 and switch the power to my camera on. Low-and-behold it just wouldn’t turn on. I still went on my 4-mile run, but was very disappointed at my forgetfulness to charge the camera’s battery.  Fortunately, I took another run yesterday.  I will post the results later today – curiosity got the best of me and the story is pretty sweet.

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