Earth Day Recognition Run

Feet planted firmly on the ground as the sun sets on Earth Day.

Feet planted firmly on the ground as the sun sets on Earth Day.

To run and feel the earth beneath my shoes is one of the things I love most about running. Running on a treadmill is nothing compared to the experience of running in a wash, down a trail or even on the street. Today, being Earth Day, I wanted to recognize all the wonderful things nature has to offer outside. I run a lot and sometimes realize I take the simple things for granted. The trees blocking the sun from my eyes; the breeze cooling me down from the heat; or the humming bird I saw today, providing entertainment along the way.  I love being outside and being in nature. And there is something so inspiring during a sunset run. I feel energized, at peace and even happy I could say – things I welcome eagerly as of late.  Happy Earth Day runnographers and always try to recognize how amazing our nature and our world can be. Keep clicking while your kicking.

Peace. Paz. Pace.

Peace. Paz. Pace.

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One Response to Earth Day Recognition Run

  1. jordan says:

    very cool hun! I am glad to see you are keeping up with the runography* I was wondering when the next post was going to be! anywho I like how you feel at peace when you run it is kind of like when i play the piano or guitar. its always good to have something like that in your life. Miss you! Keep the Blogs coming!!!

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