Pat’s Run

This year’s race was one of the largest and most successful Pat’s Runs ever with more than 20,000 runners and walkers coming together to celebrate and honor Pat Tillman. The run is very exciting and I felt honored to participate in it. I was so pumped all week and I felt great the morning of the race – evidence that positive mentality and energy can truly improve performance. (Mental note to strive for positive mentality and energy in all aspects of life) The whole time, I kept thinking to pushing myself as much as I could because I know that Tillman and every other United States soldier has pushed themselves for me and for America. My eyes were on the prize the entire time. Not only did I want to run below 35 minutes, but I swore I would sprint into the stadium and down the yard lines. I kept replaying what I would do over and over again in my head. And…the end was just as amazing as I imagined it and I came in about 34 minutes. That is one race I will do over and over again. I can’t wait to experience more races to add to my “do again” list. 1. PF Chang’s Rock ‘N Roll Marathon 2. Pat’s Run.  The 4th Annual Pat’s Run is being held this Saturday in San Jose and I hope those runners have an inspirational and memorable experience as I did. Unfortunately, I did not get photos during this race, so this blog is basically just about running, but here is a shot afterwards with some friends. Keep on clicking while kicking.


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One Response to Pat’s Run

  1. jordan says:

    um yeah i have been waiting to see your pictures from hawaii but you have failed to do so. Post!!!!!! P.S. I Love You

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