Check, check, check it out!

Although it might seem more difficult – and possibly more dangerous – I’ve been known to listen to music during my runnography workouts. I think I’m fairly good at multi-tasking and can handle running, taking photos and listening to music at the same time. So…what music motivates me to finish my workout strong? It’s definitely a mix of old and new, rap and rock and country and pop. I’ve got it all! What’s your favorite thing to jam to? I love suggestions!  I decided that my list was way too long, so I’m breaking it up and giving you just half a taste of my pump-me-up music! The rest will come later! So, check, check, check it out:

Blind Melon: No Rain

Black Eyed Peas: Where is the Love?

Aaliyah: Try Again

Pitbull: Calle Ocho (This is for you Melissa – I just had to!)

Timbaland ft. Chad Kroeger and Sabastian: Tomorrow in a Bottle

Jason Aldean: She’s Country

Fall Out Boy: Tiffany Blews

Pepper: Ashes

Rhianna/JayZ: Umbrella

Cobra Starship: Good Girls Go Bad (My Favorite one right now)

R. Kelly: Ignition

Dr Dre/Eminem: Forgot about Dre

Miranda Lambert: White Liar

Linkin Park ft. Jay Z: Numb Encore

Authority Zero: Over Seasons

Brooks and Dunn: HillBilly Deluxe

Gnarls Barkley: Crazy

Lady Gaga: Love Game

Unk: Two Step

Justin Timberlake: Chop me up

Black Eyed Peas: I got a Feeling

Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne: Make it Rain

Beyonce and Shakira: Beautiful Liar

Lynrd Skynrd: Sweet Home Alabama

Alright, alright. I’ll stop there! Believe me though, this is just the beginning! Keep clicking while your kicking!

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