This little session of mine was quite interesting to say the least. I set up in the make shift “yoga studio” I like to call my room and started posing, stretching and clicking away. Many of these photos showed the need for my “self-timer,” but still gave some different angles (not all flattering I have to say).

Aside from the photography, I have to say I really love yoga – of any kind! I stress extremely easily, so to be able to take 20 minutes to sit on my mat and work a few poses, stretches and breathing exercises is all the remedy I need sometimes. I really enjoy both Bikram (heated) yoga and Piyo (pilates/yoga mix) yoga. I really want to take a Vinyasa yoga or Ashtanga (not just because it has part of my name in it) yoga class. I’m very  eager to try new things so I’d love any suggestions!

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