A run in paradise

So, this post is a little short of a year late (Whoops!). We’ll just say I did it on purpose so that I could re-live this amazing run and trip! I wanted to start off and address the devastation in Chile and how much they need our help and support. Hawaii was fortunately not affected by the Tsunami warnings, but Chile, was affected by severe earthquakes. So many natural disasters have hit home to many countries and it has them weighing heavy on my mind. Currently, the streets of Chile are filled with looting and tens of thousands of people are left without food, shelter or supplies.  For anyone wanting to help out in anyway, venture to the American Red Cross web site and find out what you can do for those in need.  : )

Shanda on her first "runnography" session - better not be her last!

That being said….just looking back at these pictures make me laugh! We had so much fun. They also bring back the ocean air, sound of the waves and exotic scenery along this run. I’ve made two trips to Hawaii and they both have been filled with people I love dearly and been in Maui – which I can’t seem to get enough of!

We stayed at an amazing resort right off the beach! They even had fancy containers of water filled with chopped pineapples to add an infused flavoring. My fellow enthusiasts and I filled up our water bottles and headed out. We were all used to getting up early, so it was no surprise we hit the trail around 6:30 a.m. What WAS surprising, was the amount of people already outside doing their thing! It was so refreshing and motivating to see people doing yoga and or boot camp on the beach. There were also walkers, runners and cyclists hitting the trails that weaved along the beach.

Jenny. Shanda. Me. Carl.

Shanda took reign of the camera at some points of the run, and I have to say, she just might be a photographer at heart! Or really, a runnographer! (Shanda is a friend I’ve been on the most trips with!) I had such an amazing time with this group and I’m glad to have inducted some members into my runnography club! (Even if they don’t necessarily KNOW they’ve been inducted) Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

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