The half shot.

I think my favorite thing right now is to combine two words together, coining words such as “runnography” and “treadography.”

I tested this out twice before posting and I found that it’s a lot harder to take pictures running on a treadmill versus running outdoors. The pictures seem more out of focus and it is even more awkward trying to take pictures when you’re in an enclosed area versus outside.

Luckily, on one of the runs, my roommate came with me to our exercise room and another friend happened to be there as well, so it wasn’t as awkward as it was the first time with just me. I took a picture of Amy on the treadmill as I ran on the other one. The indoor pictures just aren’t as colorful and entertaining the pictures outside though. I was not impressed.

I might try again. In the mean time, keep clicking while you’re kicking.

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