St. Patty’s Day Run

Some of the group. Everyone went in packs.

Alright. We FINALLY made it out to a run – and it was well worth it! The Birmingham Track Club hosted a St. Patty’s Day 3-mile run on March 17 and provided a HUGE potluck afterwards. There were two kegs of beer – and a kegerator in The Trak Shak store! It was pretty amazing. We made it a little late after work, so the main group had already left, but it seemed to be broken up into small pace-friendly groups. Lisa and I started following this group (above) because the leader-man was entertaining us, but we ended up passing them.

Lisa's first runnography portrait.

I do believe that we kept a really good pace for our first time! We held full conversations throughout the run too! It was my first time running outside in Birmingham and I loved it! The weather is finally getting a little warmer! We saw some cute houses and parks along the way too!

After our run!

Next week, our friend Amber is going to start running with us! Get ready for some stellar picture coming your way! (You better not back out Amber – and I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

Potluck food and beer!

The Birmingham Track Club

I am so happy we joined the club. They seem like some fun-loving people who just enjoy running! I don’t know if ya’ll know, but runners are the best at having a good time! ; ) I’m also excited about the running group because it’s safe and always an ideal situation versus running alone, especially in lieu of the recent and tragic Chelsea King murder. (check back for my next blog about running safety) Keep kicking while you’re clicking!

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