A wrong way turned right

So, since our first group run with the Birmingham Track Club, Lisa and I went running Tuesday and followed the same 3-mile route we learned on the St. Patty’s Day run last week. Our intent for the weekly Wednesday the very next day was to do the same thing. Personally, I’ve only been able to run on a treadmill the past few months since it’s been soooo freezing (to my Arizona-born standard), so I wanted to get more adapted to running 3 miles outside before we went up to the 5-mile group. Little did we know that a wrong turn (certainly not blaming the old man who TOLD us it was the 3-mile route) would take us on an uphill battle. Who KNEW Birmingham was so hilly? Maybe it was just in our eyes! It was fun though and it was well worth it – the weather was AMAZING. And I’ve never seen so many different flowers in bloom. Spring is here!! We don’t have those luxuries in Arizona. I’m not even sure what all the flowers were called either, but Lisa and I would “0000” and “aaahh” and point every few minutes like little kids. And the best part, we made it! It started getting chilly after, so we only finished half our beer after and headed home – but left with our 5-mile pride. My light 2-mile run today felt sooo awesome too! Lisa and I plan to venture to a new running path this Saturday, as it will be 69 degrees!  🙂 Stay tuned for pictures!! Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

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One Response to A wrong way turned right

  1. Lisa says:

    Ok fine, I won’t blame the old man (even though it was his fault!) but our mistake turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Not only did we successfully run 5 miles without stopping but we got to see even more beautiful flowers on those extra 2 miles! 🙂

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