Curse of the camera

I would just like to say, for being a photographer, I think I might be camera cursed. I had a really great run with Lisa and Ben (who finally decided to show up – haha) and I had gotten some really great pictures. Unfortunately, another camera malfunction happened and I’ve been out of a camera ever since. AND – my nice Nikon D40 camera has been missing its battery charger ever since I moved from Arizona to Alabama. It’s packed somewhere in a box in my moms garage – but no one would want to try finding it through all my mess!

Today though, I got some good news that just made my day!! A co-worker has a collection of Nikon camera’s and got one of his chargers to work for my battery so I am GOOD TO GO! 🙂 Maybe I’ll get some even better pictures now that I’m using my nice camera versus my handheld digital camera.

I’ll try to get some today and get them posted! I’m going to be out of town this weekend. Some girls and I are heading to Nashville for Lisa’s birthday! I’m super excited!! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain though! Keep clicking while you’re clicking!

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