Cinco de Runo

As is tradition, the Birmingham Track Club held another holiday-themed run, equipped with a potluck and beer afterwards. Bring on the chips and salsa (which was basically the only thing Lisa and I could eat since everything had meat in it). The run went well though! It was soo nice outside – very warm actually and a little humid, but not too bad.

Lisa and I ended up helping a newcomer in Birmingham on business. He was from Chicago (a beautiful, active place!!). He ended up running with us and kept us going at a super fast pace!  But, it felt great!

Lisa looking a little crazy. : )

It was a great run after a few weeks of missing the track club group runs! Lisa and I have found another cute little trail that I’ll have pictures of soon! By the way – can ya’ll notice these pictures were taken from my camera phone? Not too bad if I don’t say so myself  – it’s all I have so it’ll have to work.

Lisa and I post-run.

Lisa and I looking pretty sweaty, tired, but ready for a beer! And me dreaming of my skinny girl margarita I made tonight!

'Tag applied for'

This was on the car parked next to mine! I couldn’t help but crack up! I mean, it’s attracting the police even more – haha! What people think up! Keep clicking while you’re kicking! And happy Cinco de Mayo! p.s. GO SUNS! 🙂

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