Mountain Brook Trail

So, this is probably one of my favorite trails to run along! It takes you along a beautiful, bubbling creek, with dirt trails that are surround by flourishing trees (though it’s hard for my Garmin to get a signal through them). Our run started off with Lisa and I frantically digging in our purses and cars looking for a hair tie for Lisa. Usually I’m the culprit of such situations, but alas, the ball must change courts. All we could find were 4 bobby pins that worked quite well with Lisa’s hair. I accidently deleted the picture though – it was quite hysterical.

After the hair debacle, we headed down the trail and came across this cute little bench. I want to take a walk down it one day and drink wine and eat cheese on this bench near the creek. How relaxing would that be?! We probably ran 3.5 miles and it was a great run with good conversation on all our stressful job searching! Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

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