Fish got your head?

Last week we decided to head out for our regular run with the Birmingham Track Club. Obviously we were heading the right way (per arrow). Haha. It actually turned out to be the perfect picture! But, we’ve come to grow pretty bored with this route. For one, we almost die in the beginning because Birmingham is so hilly and the route begins on a pretty steep hill. We always contemplate heading back after that one. The run ends with a hill as well, but by then we’re warmed up enough and try to sprint it to the finish (MOST of the time).

Me looking all fat  – gross! (probably from the sodium from the Cheez-Its I ate before my run – YES Lisa, it won’t happen again). So, the point of this picture is pure fun on our part. We run past this mailbox every week and keep saying how we need a photo sesh!

Whoever coined the phrase “Cat got your tongue?” can step aside because we’ve got a better one for you: “Fish got your head?” It’s even better because it’s something that is physically impossible (unless it’s a shark or whale or something). Today is Wednesday, our Birmingham Track Club day, but since Lisa and I are getting pretty bored as I said above, so we’re going to head to the Lakeshore Parkway Trail and see our luck with it! It’s a gorgeous trail and one of the first ones I noticed when I first moved to Birmingham.  Pictures to come soon! Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

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