Hot, humid, and no sidewalks

Boy, oh boy was it hot yesterday morning! AND humid! I’m so used to the dry heat of Arizona, not the kind where you feel like you are swimming outside. I really contemplated ditching my shirt and just running in my sports bra. Lucky for the car passerbys, they were saved that image.

Attempting an action shot above. Not sure why I look so swollen – I’m blaming it on the humidity. Haha.  And what’s with my cheesy grin? Ah well, moving on…

While the scenary in Birmingham is amazing and makes my runs entertaining, there are very few sidewalks! It’s so bizarre. There are a slew of running trails and dirt paths, but no set sidewalks along the regular roads. It makes running outside a bit of a challenge, but I welcomed this grass path I found along this street! I’ve been telling my favorite running partner Lisa that I’ve really been craving some grass running. Running on the asphalt has really been doing a toll on my knees I think. I feel like I’m getting old! haha.

This run was a short and sweet 2-mile run and then I decided it was time to lay by the pool and lay out with friends and have a nice cold beer (Coors Light preferably). I’m hoping my run later today along Lakeshore Trail will be longer and it will be a little less humid outside! Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

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