Sweat much?

I’m very much enjoying the trail along Lakeshore Parkway. I love seeing combinations of people biking, walking, running and even skateboarding. What can I say, I just LOVE to be surrounded by active people! The only drawback from this trail and Mountain Brook Trail is that you have to run a certain length, then turn around to go back. I’m a girl who likes her loops. It’s much less daunting that way.

Me (before the sweatiness) trying to get a shot of the pretty creek  and greenery in the backgound. The run is beautiful and I could actually smell the greenery and fresh plants around me!

I ran 4 miles today and they felt really great, aside from me sweating out all the water in my body! I was wearing a cotton tank top and was on the verge of ripping it off and just going in my sports bra again. If I thought yesterday was bad, I was wrong! At the end of my run, I went to fix my hair tie and it literally felt like I had taken a shower my hair was so wet (sorry to be so graphic, it’s just the truth). I’ve never had to deal with such humidity before, but hopefully I get used to it!

I wish this picture would have turned out better, but it’s all a part of the runnography experience, right? There was some sort of Army training going on along the trail and this group was making there way past me going the opposite way to their finish line, where their leaders were timing them. It was really cool to see all the people in uniform. If I thought I was hot, I can only imagine how they felt! Welp, I plan to run again tomorrow. Not sure what trail, area or path I’ll be taking, but I guess it’ll be a surprise. 🙂 Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

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