Farewell Run

Wednesday, June 9 marked Lisa’s very last run in Birmingham, Alabama. For me, I have three weeks of hot, sweaty, muggy runs ahead of me. Then, I’ll just have the hot and sweaty runs, but believe me, I’ll take anything without the muggy! We went along our favorite trail starting at the “soccer fields” as we like to say. As we stretched, we were caught up in watching adolescent (immature) boys attempting to beat up their friend. We thought we’d have to call the police at one point when the boy was thrown over the fence – but he was fine.

We set out with my Garmin and a mission of running a 5-miler, but only ended up with a 4.25-miler – and heat radiating off of us! So humid! Lisa and I were the sweatiest we’ve ever been (evidence: picture above).  But, it was the perfect farewell for Lisa! Haha. 🙂 She’ll soon be running through the beautiful, busy Central Park (don’t worry – I’ll be there some day!). I’ll definitely miss my running partner! She definitely pushes me and although she has the fluidity of a gazelle (even Marianne will admit this Lisa!), our pace is always about the same. I’ll miss you lady, but good luck in the Big Apple!! You’ll do great!! Thanks for all the talks/venting sessions we had while running!

After the hot, sweat, muggy run, I needed some replenishing so I stopped and got 2 for $3 Gatorades! Mmmmhh good! It called for a picture! Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

P.s. I’m looking for a runnography partner in Arizona coming in 3 weeks!! Yup – moving back!! 🙂 So, any takers?

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2 Responses to Farewell Run

  1. Lisa says:

    Aw Ash! You were the best running buddy I’ve ever had, my NYC runs definitely won’t be the same without you!! We’ll have to continue pushing each other via email and text message, and our venting sessions will have to be via phone! 🙂

    See you in NYC!

    Miss you!

  2. Jeff says:


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