Alright ya’ll, here it comes…rollerography! Ahh, doesn’t it bring you back to those days at Skateland during 5th grade school events “slow skating” with your crush? This workout was a little different and way more intense. My friend Marianne mentioned she had rollerblades one day and I asked to borrow them, wondering if I’d be up for the task.

My legs and butt definitely benefited from this little adventure of mine. Going up hills was extremely difficult because I had to keep momentum up while trying to keep my balance! I kept laughing out loud at myself because I probably looked like a crazy person! But, I finally got the hang of it again and instinct took over. It was fun to go really fast and just coast along the path.

And, I burned 390 calories rollerblading for one hour! I did almost 5 miles, but took so long because it took awhile to get used to balancing myself! I remember how I used to think I was such a tom boy trying rollerblade tricks. Haha. Those were the days. Overall, rollerblading is a great cross training option and gives you a great lower body workout. I also used my core a lot when pushing to get up hills. I am now drooling over a pair of rollerblades for myself. 🙂 And yes, I did go backwards. I was actually way better and faster going backwards! Keep clicking while you’re kicking.

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