Heat wave

Behold the frizz. ( Let’s just not talk about it right now). So, my first run back in Arizona lasted a mere 20 minutes. 1. I shouldn’t have gone at 1pm when it was 110 degrees and 2. I need to familiarize myself with my new surroundings before running; I got all mixed around.

Alright, alright –  I might have been a little dramatic in this picture here, but I DID feel faint! I definitely need to start waking up super early to run, or settle for a late night run until the summer is over. Soon, I’ll be moving into my new apartment and I’ll be able to run on a treadmill at least. It was so sunny I even got a tan line from my sports bra!

I came across piles upon piles of the pods pictured above. These crunchy guys definitely remind me of my childhood. My friend Ashley and I would place signs around our neighborhood that said “Pod Pickers. We’ll pick your pods for $5 a bucket.” Haha. And we did. Our neighborhood was full of the trees that dropped pods, so we would make our way to each house, putting pods in buckets to make some dolla dolla bills. We also used to take big industrial brooms, put our rollerblades on and sweep the sidewalks of our street. But, that’s a story for another day. Keep clicking while you’re kicking. 🙂

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