Yesterday I thought a nice track workout seemed appropriate – it had been awhile after all. I was going to dinner (vegan hot dogs, sweet potato fries, corn and wine!!) at my friend Bittina’s house in Mesa, so I decided to go to the Mesa Community College track and field – only to find that it’s under construction until August 1. Well, there aren’t too many other “safe” places for a girl to be outdoors by herself running in that area, so I headed to Dobson High School – a place I knew would be crawling with runners.

I was running late for Bittina’s by this time, so I decided to do a fast mile. One problem? There was a team training on the track so I had to run on the outside of the track. Not too big of a deal. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to take pictures while I ran because I was going so fast. 🙂 But, I took this picture after –  all hot, red and sweaty! Haha.

I also thought this picture was HI-larious! I took it earlier in the day – a/c on full blast for sure in Arizona! Not gonna lie, I kinda look like a lobster. 🙂 Keep clicking while you’re kicking.

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