Dear fellow runnographers, I need your assistance. I’ve been sick for the past week and a half and it’s not a good sick. I usually get small symptoms and I’m back on my feet, but my cough is getting my boss worried that I may have walking pneumonia. LUCKILY, I just recieved my insurance card yesterday in the mail! After 2 years without medical or dental insurance, I finally have a breath of fresh air (But also a major need to see the doctor!). Any recommendations? 🙂 I’m on the prowl.

So, all this while I haven’t been able to run.  Today I AM attempting a 4-miler just to see how it goes and I’m praying for success. I don’t want to make myself worse, but I do have a 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving I need to kinda of feel prepared for.

I thought I’d catch you up a little:

1. On a run right before I got sick, I took these pictures of my rather vibrant outfit. I was definitely reppin’ my Nike brand, but couldn’t help but laugh at my choice of pairing.

My pink Nike Free shoes.

Green Nike sweatshirt

Bright blue running shorts, with a turquoise running top.

You’re pretty jealous, right people? Wish I could have seen the faces of the cars driving by me.

2. I purchased a new website totally dedicated to food! 🙂 BE excited!! More news soon to come!!

3. I also purchased a for paragliding and intend to take some photos during that adventure to share with you. Paraglideography? 🙂

4. My old roommate Bittina and I shared this amazing potato and kale soup she made, while drinking wine, eating cheese and watching Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice (Anyone else love those shows?).

Potato and kale soup

I’m off to finish up some work and attempt my runnography sesh. 🙂 I’m making a yummy dinner tonight of pan grilled tofu and my version of healthy “fried” rice.

I’ll leave you with this – it does come out Thursday night at midnight after all. You bet your bottoms I’ll be there!

Keep clicking while you’re kicking. 🙂

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