heart attack?

that’s basically what i thought i was having on my run the other day. every 5 minutes i would get really heavy heart palpitations. it was so weird. I would have to slow my pace down to get my heart rate back to normal. luckily i was running near a hospital! so, in the end, i only ran a little over 3 miles.

yesterday i was consumed with laundry, writing, christmas shopping and crafts. i attempted to get home before it got dark so i could get a good run in, but i got off too late. and traffic is my enemy.

today, i’m getting my  brakes (they’ve been pretty squeaky for awhile – i’m lucky) fixed in gilbert and i’m so excited to run at freestone park and along a few canals. there just aren’t any good places to run in chandler. if you hear of any, let me know. 🙂

i thought i’d share a funny email i got today. it was from the pf. chang’s rock ‘n’ roll marathon crew telling me about “VIP porta potty’s” that are available during the half and full marathon in january. haha. hopefully i won’t have to go to the bathroom, but if i do, i really don’t care about attendants, running water and flushing toilets. but, i’m sure a lot of people do care, so more power to them. 🙂 can’t wait to run it though.

keep clicking while you’re kicking.

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