been gone…

…a long time. I know this people. I apologize profusely. I feel like I’m always in transition periods in my life and things get too hectic – I move across country to Birmingham, Alabama. I move back home to Arizona. I start a new job at The Arizona Republic. I still write for Nike Women. I waitress on the weekend. I could go on.

As I get more intense into my training for the P.F. Chang’s Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix in January, I will be posting more regularly. I will also be posting recipes and my adventures with food.

Keep clicking while you’re kicking. 🙂

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I decided to go along my Skyline Park route again today since I had such a great run yesterday! It was nice again this morning with a cool breeze – always a plus. I started out stretching and decided to work in some abs because I seriously heart the way sore abs feel.

After my ab workout, I did a few lunges, stretched a little more, turned on Lady Gaga and headed out! I came across the cutest bunch of little mushrooms! They were scattered along the grass everywhere. I just love nature, don’t you? 🙂

I ran about the same length as I did yesterday and I felt really great. I stretched my hamstrings out for at least 5 minutes though because I was still a little stiff. I’m getting back to feeling better though. I think just a few more stretching sessions and maybe a Bikram yoga class will put me in shape. 🙂 I’ll be busy the next few weeks though, I’m moving Aug. 1 to a new apartment and I start a new job with The Arizona Republic Aug. 2 and a serving job with my old company, The Good Egg on Aug. 7. Don’t worry, I’ll find my time to run and blog. Keep clicking while you’re kicking!

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Canals and sunsets

Welcome to an Arizona sunset. It’s a beautiful thing to behold, isn’t it?

I needed to start finding some running routes near the southeast Valley and decided on a old route at Skyline High School where I used to run to compete with my high school cross country team. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening. The sunset was perfect, there was a wind, and I believe the temperature was actually below 100 degrees! I ran a little over two miles before I decided I was ravished and needed some fuel! I drank plenty of water during the day, but didn’t eat enough. I was also feeling extremely tight. I stretched for at lesat 10 minutes before my run, but my legs felt heavy and tight still – so odd.

I had so much fun on this run though. I heart running on canals and grass trails and sadly there weren’t very many of those options in Alabama. It’s so refreshing running on grass – and it’s better on my shins!

Just look at that picture! Amazing end to a great run. If this doesn’t persuade you to come run with me, I don’t know what will. 🙂 Keep clicking while you’re kicking.

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My hottt playlist!

Alllriight – another installment of the hottest songs (well, in MY opinion) right now. Ow, ow! Check, check, check it out and then work it out!!

Say Ahh – Trey Songz ft. Fabulous

Riding Solo – Jason Derulo

Teach me how to Dougie – Cali Swag District

Photoshoot – Gucci Mane

143 – Bobby Brackins ft. Ray J

Cooler than Me – Mike Posner

Find your love – Drake

Paper Gangsta – Lady Gaga

California Gurls – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg

Keep clicking while you’re kicking. 🙂

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Yesterday I thought a nice track workout seemed appropriate – it had been awhile after all. I was going to dinner (vegan hot dogs, sweet potato fries, corn and wine!!) at my friend Bittina’s house in Mesa, so I decided to go to the Mesa Community College track and field – only to find that it’s under construction until August 1. Well, there aren’t too many other “safe” places for a girl to be outdoors by herself running in that area, so I headed to Dobson High School – a place I knew would be crawling with runners.

I was running late for Bittina’s by this time, so I decided to do a fast mile. One problem? There was a team training on the track so I had to run on the outside of the track. Not too big of a deal. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to take pictures while I ran because I was going so fast. 🙂 But, I took this picture after –  all hot, red and sweaty! Haha.

I also thought this picture was HI-larious! I took it earlier in the day – a/c on full blast for sure in Arizona! Not gonna lie, I kinda look like a lobster. 🙂 Keep clicking while you’re kicking.

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Heat wave

Behold the frizz. ( Let’s just not talk about it right now). So, my first run back in Arizona lasted a mere 20 minutes. 1. I shouldn’t have gone at 1pm when it was 110 degrees and 2. I need to familiarize myself with my new surroundings before running; I got all mixed around.

Alright, alright –  I might have been a little dramatic in this picture here, but I DID feel faint! I definitely need to start waking up super early to run, or settle for a late night run until the summer is over. Soon, I’ll be moving into my new apartment and I’ll be able to run on a treadmill at least. It was so sunny I even got a tan line from my sports bra!

I came across piles upon piles of the pods pictured above. These crunchy guys definitely remind me of my childhood. My friend Ashley and I would place signs around our neighborhood that said “Pod Pickers. We’ll pick your pods for $5 a bucket.” Haha. And we did. Our neighborhood was full of the trees that dropped pods, so we would make our way to each house, putting pods in buckets to make some dolla dolla bills. We also used to take big industrial brooms, put our rollerblades on and sweep the sidewalks of our street. But, that’s a story for another day. Keep clicking while you’re kicking. 🙂

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Alright ya’ll, here it comes…rollerography! Ahh, doesn’t it bring you back to those days at Skateland during 5th grade school events “slow skating” with your crush? This workout was a little different and way more intense. My friend Marianne mentioned she had rollerblades one day and I asked to borrow them, wondering if I’d be up for the task.

My legs and butt definitely benefited from this little adventure of mine. Going up hills was extremely difficult because I had to keep momentum up while trying to keep my balance! I kept laughing out loud at myself because I probably looked like a crazy person! But, I finally got the hang of it again and instinct took over. It was fun to go really fast and just coast along the path.

And, I burned 390 calories rollerblading for one hour! I did almost 5 miles, but took so long because it took awhile to get used to balancing myself! I remember how I used to think I was such a tom boy trying rollerblade tricks. Haha. Those were the days. Overall, rollerblading is a great cross training option and gives you a great lower body workout. I also used my core a lot when pushing to get up hills. I am now drooling over a pair of rollerblades for myself. 🙂 And yes, I did go backwards. I was actually way better and faster going backwards! Keep clicking while you’re kicking.

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